How We Work

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Photography: Pari Naderi
  • We have developed a distinctive methodology, modelled on professional contemporary dance training and the focus, discipline, strength, coordination and creativity that this develops in a person.  
  • We enable our participants to push themselves beyond the limits they put on themselves. Uniquely within the sector, our projects are full time – five days a week, six hours a day – and the activity demands commitment and endurance. 
  • Through dance we help people to develop their confidence, their physical and emotional health and wellbeing, and their ability to work with others.
  • We enable participants to broaden their horizons, embrace ambition, and open themselves up to leading more productive lives.
  • We work with participants to ensure sustainable change and to put in place the next steps to achieving their goals, whether this is returning to school, pursuing further education or seeking employment.
  • We employ an integrated team to support participants throughout the course. We offer all participants mentoring for a 12 month period on completion of the programme. 
  • We run performance companies for people who want to continue their dance training after an initial project or who just want a way to meet regularly in a supportive environment. Performance Company members learn new choreographies and perform to audiences at venues and festivals across the country.
  • We commission choreographers who can push our dancers artistically and technically, and who create new pieces for our repertory.
  • We make high-quality films that give people insight into the enormous journeys that participants in our projects achieve. We show these alongside live performances and distribute them through television networks and festivals.