Family Ties

Family Ties consists of an intensive six-week intervention modelled on professional contemporary dance training for young people aged 14-18 years who are NEET, school excluded or at risk of offending; a shorter 2-week enhancement to engage core participants’ siblings and a range of volunteering opportunities for the parents to help their young people builds to a community-facing performance in a professional theatre.
To achieve transformative outcomes it is vital to immerse young people in an intensive full-time process that is highly disciplined and unrelentingly ambitious in the quality of its choreography and dance teaching. No shortcuts, no hiding places, no mediocrity.  DUY develops and adapts the core teaching methodology that encapsulates 42 pro-active strategies so that it is fit for performance for each client group and maximise the potential of a project to succeed.
“You learn in a different way. I’ve achieved a lot here like I’ve realised when you say you can’t do things, but if you try, you can. I used to hide meself away and say I can’t do this, but now I know I can. From now on I’m going to not hide meself away and be proud of what I’m doing.”                                                                                    
Project Participant (2016)