A Message from Dance United Yorkshire:
DUY has for the time being closed its office in response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and all personnel are now working from home. Our scheduled performances and events have been postponed until further notice.
We know that many of you will be disappointed to miss the various classes, performances and ceremonies you had been anticipating. However, we are a very resilient company and we intend to resume normal service as soon as we possibly can.
We are maintaining close contact with our funders, partners and stakeholders, and we greatly appreciate the support and understanding they have extended.
We are especially grateful to the DUY executive and team members, who are demonstrating real commitment, flexibility and creativity during this exceptionally challenging time.
We will be posting updates as and when we have developments to report, but in the meantime we wish you all good health whilst we weather this crisis together. At such a critical time, let’s remember our personal and collective responsibility towards each other.
Unfortunately a lot of mis- and dis- information about the epidemic is being circulated out there, and we urge you to rely only on sources of current and trustworthy information. These include the websites of WHO, CDC, GOV.UK and the BBC.
Go safe.
Blair Davies, Chair of the Board of Trustees